Non-franchise options

While a franchise is the perfect solution for many people, it’s not for everyone! Here is a list of resources for those entrepreneurs that might want to take a different path.

Tom Antion’s Internet Marketing Training Center

In addition to Tom Antion’s resources, there is one network marketing company we currently endorse, and that is Vasayo. Vasayo approached us as a potential sponsor for one of the conferences put on by our International Franchise Marketplace program. While initially hesitant, we tried the free CBD samples they had to offer and were blown away by their effectiveness at reducing lower back pain. If you would like to try the products for yourself or look into becoming a distributor you can check out their CBD product portfolio here! and their general product portfolio here!

A message from Joel Stewart

The first non-franchise entrepreneur resource I would like to highlight is Tom Antion and his family of entrepreneurship resources. He has a podcast covering an enormous number of topics titled Screw the Commute. He interviewed me for his September 25th, 2019 podcast, you can listen to this interview here! After delving through his many resources for entrepreneurs, especially those looking to work from home, at home, I knew his programs would be a great addition to the franchising portfolio Integrity Commercial already had to offer. Tom has one of the longest running, most successful and most unique Internet Marketing mentor programs you will ever find. He’s been selling on the commercial Internet since it started around 1994, which shows his history of online profitability. He’s known as the Internet MultiMillionaire “guy next door”, and he has dedicated a lot of effort to fighting online, work from home scams for a long time. You can check out one of his shows and a good number of news interviews at!

For who he is, he’s as down to earth as they come and always willing to help. No one at Tom’s level delivers the amount of value his mentorship program does. He charges an entry fee not even 10% of what others at his level charge and then he gets a percentage of your profits that’s capped so you’re not stuck with him forever. You can be assured he won’t disappear on you because he doesn’t get his big money unless you are successful and make much bigger money. Click here to check out all the things you get in his unique program. Tom is also a big supporter of military, veterans, law enforcement, and first responders, if this is you let me know and you will get 50% off his program.

This is not his only major program however, he also started a school for entrepreneurs. When people think about going back to school they frequently remember all the wasted time and worthless courses they had to take just to graduate. All that has changed. Tom founded the only licensed, dedicated distance learning, Internet Marketing School in the country, and he founded the school to protect students from all the Internet scams out there. It took three years to get the license and that three years included extensive background checks, surety bonds and curriculum evaluation so that the student can be assured they will get a quality education.

This education is all about skills that are in demand by every single business both large and small so getting a good job is much easier than in many professions. Plus, the same skills can be used by students who want to have their own online business. In some cases you could be earning money in a few months even before you graduate. Many small businesses pull their hair out when faced with handling social media, email marketing, chat bots, shopping carts and all the other things necessary to be successful online. This is where you come in and take that burden off them so they can pay you while you’re developing your own business. Believe me, these businesses are thrilled to have someone take these responsibilities off their back and they’ll pay you handsomely to do it.

Oh, and one more thing. You won’t have any expenses for books, travel, meals or lodging. You can do your studies anytime day or night and you still have instructors ready to answer your questions if you get stuck. It’s a really great opportunity that allows you to work anytime and from anywhere. Click here to Check out the school! Again, Tom is offering a 50% scholarship for military, veterans, law enforcement, and first responders.

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