About us

IFM had its beginnings in April of 2019, when its predecessor, Integrity Commercial, partnered with the Oman American Business Center (AmCham Oman) to organize a franchise conference. At this conference over 30 brands were presented, 25 of which were presented by Integrity Commercial. The event was such a success that the International Franchise Marketplace was formed to continue bringing franchise solutions to international markets. IFM is looking to work with US Embassies and AmCham organizations around the globe.

IFM’s Mission – International franchise brand exposure is expensive! Attending a single expo in one country can cost a brand $10,000-$20,000. If you multiply this by numerous countries the cost becomes extremely prohibitive for most brands. Our goal is to provide cost effective international exposure for brands and vendors - such as franchise developers. Our formula looks like this:

1) Franchisors and vendors get inexpensive international exposure.

2) Potential franchisees get a large variety of investment options to choose from.

3) US Embassy and AmCham organizations further their mission to develop US business interests as the vast majority of these franchises are US Based. They also add value to their members by providing invaluable education on franchise methods and opportunities available to them.

This is the Win – Win – Win value proposition of the International Franchise Marketplace.

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