Franchise Your Business

Franchise Architects has been building franchises for 40 years all over the world! Below are a few examples of businesses that Franchise Architects either led or were involved in developing the concept or prototype franchise locations.

In addition to helping grow your business through franchising, Franchise Architects can also utilize the latest breakthroughs in behavioral science to find franchisees that fit your system as well as employees that are especially suited to certain tasks. Here are some testimonials from their Franchise Navigator Brand.

Window Genie

"Operators that resemble our Navigator Profile generate over $120,000 in sales."

Sears Holdings

"Unit sales increased 38% within 18 months, as a result of using the Navigator"

ARCPoint Labs

"We stopped wasting our valuable time with the wrong and unqualified candidates for our system."

Regis - Supercuts

"Navigator eliminates the guess-work of who will and who will not be a good fit for our brands and business systems."

Yum Brands

"The Navigator science showed us our ideal candidate profile."

Buffalo Wild Wings

"Buffalo Wild Wings needed a tool to help evaluate incoming candidates and choose the Navigator"

Kilwin's Chocolates

"Since using the Navigator First Year Sales increased from $420,000 to over $4540,000 because of the right people"

If you would like to know more about Franchise Architects or how Franchise Navigator can help your business, contact us!

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