What does a franchise consultant do?

A franchise consultant is very similar to a employee headhunter. We have a referral relationship with around 350 franchises and, if we can find a candidate that is a great fit, we are paid a finders fee by the franchise for the referral upon closing. This amazing relationship allows us to be a 100% value added member of your team! We provide guidance, information, coaching, and resources throughout the process from start to finish, we don’t feel forced to only steer you to one or two options (since any of the franchises will pay a finders fee!), and we don’t cost you a penny!

Ready to explore the world of franchising?

Contact Joel Stewart at (860) 459-9268 or Joel.Stewart@integritycommercial.biz!

If you are really serious about this we encourage you to take the Franchise Navigator behavioral/values assessment before contacting Joel Stewart. This survey gives in invaluable insights into what type of franchise will fit you perfectly as well as match your profile against the high performer profiles for around 100 different specific franchises! If you want to take this route Click Here!